About Me

I have been an esthetician now for 11 years. My own problems with acne led me down the road of esthetics. After getting my skin condition under control, I wanted to help others do the same. I have been very fortunate to work alongside some amazing and skilled estheticians who were more than willing to share their knowledge of skin. Skin care is a constant changing phenomenon, that we as estheticians will never stop learning. Our quest for perfect skin has launched so many new and exciting products, ingredients, and equipment. I love being a part of the adventure and I love sharing with my clients what I have learned so they too  can be comfortable in their own skin.

SofTap® Permanent Makeup
I chose SofTap® Permanent Makeup because it is less harsh on the skin than other forms of permanent makeup. I love to see the instant results as the clients leave. There is nothing better than a beautifully shaped eyebrow on a person's face or an eyeliner that makes the eyes pop.

Licenses, Training, Certifications:
California State Esthetician License 1999
Face Mapping Certification 2005
Softap Permanent Makeup Certification 2006
PCA Chemical Peel Certification 2006

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