Saturday, February 27, 2010

Before & After Lashes

My client came in to get eyelash extensions before her big weekend in Vegas. She wanted the upper lashes only for a more subtle look. We started out with shorter lashes then flared them out with longer ones at the ends. Love em'!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Faux Lashes

Any big plans this weekend? A party? A date? Girls Night Out? Faux lashes would be just the thing for your big weekend. I've been doing eyelash extensions for a couple years now and they are so fun to have. What girl wouldn't want beautiful, full, long black lashes? If you're unfamiliar with what eyelash extensions are let me tell you more about them. They're individual lashes that come in different sizes which I glue to your own lashes. Faux lashes are black with a slight curl, so there is no need for mascara or curling. You just wake up and go!

Eyelash extensions will last about 3-4 weeks and then if you want to continue having them (which of course you will) you get refills placed where the others came off. And if you don't want them anymore, no worries. They just fall off naturally. Your real lashes do not get ruined.
No more messing with those strip lashes at the drugstore. Eyelash extensions are virtually maintenance free. And with the special going on right now, 50% off lash extensions, what are you waiting for!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Permanent Makeup

Get a tattoo on my face? Are you crazy? I'm sure thats what a lot of women are thinking when they hear permanent makeup. Its not as crazy as you would think though. There are many reason and benefits of having your makeup tattooed.

  • Saves time & money
  • Avoids allergic reactions to regular makeup
  • No smudging, smearing, or running of makeup
  • Wake up with perfect makeup every morning
  • Fills in brows where hairs were lost
  • Creates thicker looking lashes
  • No more losing makeup for those with oily skin
  • Enhances natural features

I chose the SofTap® method to apply permanent makeup for many reasons. Its one of the easiest and gentlest ways to place permanent color into the skin. The SofTap® tools are designed to provide complete technician control, little or no touch ups, and fast healing.

And rest assured, topical numbing creams are applied to ease the pain and discomfort. Permanent makeup does fade over time and in most cases needs to be refreshed about every 3-5 years.

So the next time you're filling in your brows with a pencil or applying your eyeliner, think about how great it would be to have it already done with permanent makeup. Not crazy, just practical.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Monthly Specials

I just added another feature to my blog. Click on "Specials this Month" to see what great deals I have. If you live locally and want to be pampered, you're in the right spot.

Even in these tough times, we still need to look and feel our best. A great money saver too is getting your permanent eyeliner done. Think of all the money you'll save when you don't have to buy eyeliner from the store anymore!

Specials will change monthly so be sure to check back often. I love getting new clients on board and I love referrals!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winter Skin

Brrrr. I woke up this morning and it's freezing outside. Living in the desert with occassional 80 degree temperatures in the daytime, I forget that its still Winter. My skin really notices the cold temps too. Do you have the same problems with your skin this time of year? One of the biggest problems that we make during this time of year is we don't change our skin care products. What you use in the Summer is not always whats going to work for your skin in the Winter. Our skin need more moisturizing than in the hot months. Change out your nighttime moisturizer for a richer formula. Even oily skin can benefit from this. You may need to also add a serum to your routine as well. A serum penetrates deeper into the layers of skin than a moisturizer can. It can be used in conjunction with your moisturizer. My personal favorite is Hydrating Serum from PCA Skin. It works on all skin types and gives your skin that extra boost. And even though its cold out, don't forget the sunscreen. Also remember to drink your daily fluids.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Teen Acne

My girlfriend brought her 16 year old son in this past weekend to see what we could do about his acne. His was mainly on the forehead(due to wearing a beanie all day). I spent the majority of the facial doing extractions to clean out his pores. After the facial I went over some key points in keeping his skin clean. Below are a few things that your teen can do themselves;

1. Wash your face 2x day. Do not overwash even though you're feel oily
2. If you wear hats, make sure you wash them at least 1x week
3. Change your pillowcase often
4. Wipe down and disinfect cell phones daily
5. Teen girls(Don't share makeup & wash makeup brushes at least 1x month)
6. Keep hands away from face & no picking!
7. Schedule regular facials to control the oil production & clean out the pores.

I recommend a skin care treatment that involves benzoyl peroxide which is anti-bacterial and very effective in healing blemishes. My cleanser of choice is PCA phaze 31 BPO 5% Cleanser. Its very gentle and calming on the skin. Click on "Products I Recommend" to read more about it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Staying Hydrated

One of my new years resolutions this year was to drink more water. It never seems to be a problem for me in the summertime, but when its cold outside I tend to drink less water. But how much water should we really be drinking every day? I've heard various answers over the years 5-8 glasses, 8-10 glasses. Which is it and what size should each glass be? After doing a little research on the subject, there is no exact number. There are many factors to consider that would determine the correct amount for each individual person; activity level, climate, diet...
I found a website with a water calculator that helps figure out how much you should be drinking daily. My results were 60.5 ounces. So almost 8 8oz glasses a day. That I can do.
Remember staying hydrated will keep your skin from looking dull, scaly, and stiff. Try the calculator yourself and drink up!

Water Calculator

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Anti-Aging Treatment

I've been telling clients for years that the best anti-aging treatment for your skin besides sunscreen is retinol. Prescription retinol (Retin-A, Renova) works great but tends to leave your skin red, sensitive, and dry. I've always put up with it because I knew it was great for anti-aging and acne. The skin care line I use and love, PCA Skin came out with a prescription strength retinol of their own. Retinol Renewal gives me all the same benefits of the prescriptions but without the irritating side effects. It was even featured in the new issue of New Beauty magazine. My new favorite product!


It can be used on sensitive skin without the irritation of the prescriptions. I do sell it at my studio and I am working on getting my website set up to sell online as well.