Thursday, May 13, 2010

Crazy for Quinoa

Quinoa ( Say:Keen-wa)
I've been telling everyone I know about my new favorite thing to eat, Quinoa. I eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It can be eaten cold or hot, by itself or in an entree.
Quinoa is high in fiber, a good source of iron, and has all eight essential amino acids. This whole grain has 7g of protein in just 1/4 cup, which is a great substitution for vegetarians and is naturally gluten free.
Quinoa has been called the "Mother Grain of the Andes." It comes from Bolivia, grown in the high altitudes and has been the Inca's main source of food.
You can get Quinoa at most major markets and health stores. Costco also now sells it in 64oz. bags.

Try this dish for a satisfying breakfast:
Boil 2 cups water then add 1c. Quinoa and cover and simmer for 10-15 min.
When finished place 1 c. cooked Quinoa in a bowl, add your desired amount of milk, dried fruit (optional) ,and sweetener (honey or agave nectar are good choices). And enjoy!

healthy eating=healthy skin

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